VICTORY! SB 6443 Defeated!

Moments ago, the full Senate debated Sen. Ericksen’s (R-Ferndale) harmful SB 6443. This bill would have eliminated the Washington State Human Rights Commission’s rules, which made the 2006 Anderson-Murray Anti-Discrimination law’s requirements clear for employers, businesses, and other places of public accommodation.  This was one of 6 bills in the Washington State Legislature aimed at repealing rules recently passed by the Washington Human Rights Commission clarifying protections for Transgender Washingtonians.

By a vote of 25 to 24, the bill was defeated by proponents of equality who opposed SB 6443.

To every single one of you who contacted your state legislators, attended and/or testified during the hearings, and shared your stories and this work – THANK YOU!
For those of you that reached out to your own clients, constituents and lists and urged them to contact their legislators – THANK YOU!

Elected officials and their legislative aides told us that your efforts made the difference.

If your state Senator is one of the 25 Senators that stood with our community, please take a moment and send them an email thanking them. Those Senators are: Billig, Carlyle, Chase, Cleveland, Conway, Darneille, Fain, Fraser, Frockt, Habib, Hasegawa, Hill, Hobbs, Jayapal, Keiser, Liias, Litzow, McAuliffe, McCoy, Mullet, Nelson, Pedersen, Ranker, Rolfes, Takko. Click here for SB 6443 info.

We appreciate you standing with us to ensure that all of our lives are protected.

Gender Justice League has taken a key role in educating the public, mobilizing our communities, and traveling the state to train hundreds of Transgender people, their family, friends, and allies to educate legislators and the media about the impact of these bills would have on the everyday impact on Transgender people.

Please consider donating to support our continued work to defeat the additional 5 bills still active in our legislature.

In Solidarity,
Gender Justice League