Elevating human rights for trans & gender diverse people

Creating a Washington State where all people can live their lives safely, true to themselves, and free from discrimination.
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Gender Justice League is a Washington State gender and sexuality civil and human rights organization based in Seattle, Washington.

In 2012, GJL was started by a group of long-time trans, queer, and allied activists who were looking to increase the community’s capacity to address cissexism, transphobia, transmisogyny, and the homo, bi, and queer phobias that trans and gender diverse people face.

Gender Justice League has focused on elevating civil and human rights for trans and gender diverse people by creating community through advocacy efforts and shared leadership development. Recognizing that only 4% of employees in the major LGBTQ+ organizations are trans, and that trans people face nearly double the unemployment rate of cis people, GJL’s gender justice model seeks to empower trans people to combat the structural oppression, discrimination, and violence that we face in our daily lives.

What We Do

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Trans Pride Seattle

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SafeHouse & Financial Assistance

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trainings, consultations, & speeches

Two award winners at the 2019 Gender Justice Awards


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Gender Justice League works through education, advocacy, mutual aid, and grassroots community building to shift both culture and policies about gender and sexuality. Every dollar amplifies the work of our dedicated staff and volunteers.

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Trans Pride Seattle is an invaluable resource for our communities. Goblin, one of our service recipients and volunteers, shares: "Trans Pride Seattle really puts into perspective that you aren't alone. That is one of the major things that I feel after attending.”

Please consider giving what you can to help us make Trans Pride happen: tiny.cc/2022TPS

We are so grateful to be in community with you ❤️

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Get one of these sweet Trans Pride Seattle t-shirts by donating at the Super Hero level ($100) or more to our TPS gofundme! After you donate, we will reach out to you for sizing & shipping info. Along with the t-shirt, you will also receive a Trans Pride patch or sticker—all of which can be picked up at Trans Pride (Friday, Sept. 2nd) or mailed to you the following day if not picked up.

Get yours at tiny.cc/2022TPS

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Help us keep Trans Pride Seattle community-centered, grassroots, and radical! Every contribution, no matter the size, helps make one of the world's largest Trans Pride events happen 🏳️‍⚧️ (plus if you give $10+, you get some really cool swag).

Give to support TPS: tiny.cc/2022TPS

For more info on Trans Pride Seattle, visit transprideseattle.org

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This Monday, you're invited to our virtual board member open house!

After 10 successful years in Washington State, GJL is pivoting to begin a national program. The National Program—based in Washington, DC—will work to support trans justice organizers, activists, and communities across the country by providing training, technical assistance, and operational support to fundraise, develop and support programs, and elevate the voices of trans folks to combat anti-trans attacks.

As we shift to work outside of Washington, we're working to recruit a new national board that represents the diversity and needs of our whole community.

What do GJL Board Members Do?
GJL board members help support the staff of the organization by reviewing and evaluating the annual budget and fundraising plans; and asking critical questions about policies, programs, and strategy. Board members at GJL are thought leaders who help shape our programs.

GJL’s Board Compensation:
We pay board members $25/hour for regular board meetings, for a total on average of $50-75 a month. We recognize that not all board members need to be compensated, however, we also want to honor the labor and value of community members' contributions, and open board participation to people of all socio-economic statuses.

Do Board Members Have to Fundraise?
Most board members support the organization in some way, not always monetarily. Often board members will assist in fundraising by spreading the word about the org, by joining us at fundraising events, and occasionally by supporting grant writing or fundraising asks to major donors or foundations. There is no mandatory “give-get” to be on GJL’s board.

Time Commitment: 3-4 Hours per Month.
Our board meets once a month via Zoom or Google Meet for 2-3 hours. These meetings have historically happened on Sunday afternoons, though that is subject to change with the new board’s availability.

Contact Danni@GenderJusticeLeague.org for the Zoom link to join our virtual board member open house this Monday, 7/18, from 5-6 PM PST!

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransRights #LetKidsPlay #BlackTransLivesMatter

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Help us keep Trans Pride Seattle community-centered, grassroots, and radical! Every contribution, no matter the size, helps make one of the world's largest Trans Pride events happen 🏳️‍⚧️ (plus if you give $10+, you get some really cool swag).

Give to support TPS: tiny.cc/2022TPS

For more info on Trans Pride Seattle, visit transprideseattle.org

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After 3 months of serving as our Interim Executive Director, we are excited to announce that one of GJL’s founding members, Danni Askini, will become our new Co-Executive Director of National Programs!

Danni has served for over 20 years as an activist, policy expert, and organizer in two-spirit, trans and LGBQIA+ communities across the United States and Europe. As our founding Executive Director, Danni helped lead Gender Justice League in expanding access to transition related healthcare, banning conversion therapy throughout Washington, defeating 6 anti-trans legislative bills, crushing 2 anti-trans ballot measures, launching our mutual-aid project to support survivors of gender-based violence, and successfully producing 7 Trans Pride events in Seattle. In 2018, after being targeted by the Trump Administration, Danni was forced to seek asylum in Sweden, having been denied a passport to return home. Upon returning in 2020, after settling her case through the UN Human Rights Council, Danni relocated to Washington DC to work as a Senior Health Policy Analyst supporting the passage of the HEROES and CARES Acts through Congress. Danni is now based primarily in Washington, DC and splits her time in Seattle where she has deep roots.

Danni returns to Gender Justice League just ahead of our 10th anniversary to help the organization pivot not only to serve two-spirit, trans, and gender diverse people in Washington State, but to expand our work to support two-spirit, trans, and gender diverse people throughout the country. We continue to see a bifurcation in this country; some states with expansive protections and others with a horrifying repeal of fundamental freedoms, rights, and safety for our communities. Danni will be joined by a Co-Executive Director for Northwest Programs, and will be leading our search to identify a new Co-ED based in Washington State.

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Friendly reminder that the date for Trans Pride Seattle this year is different from years past! Normally our event is held on 6/24, but this year it will be on 9/2. Please don't show up to Cal Anderson this Friday, we won't be there 😅

RSVP at tiny.cc/TPSGJLFB

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Please join us in welcoming Ganesha Gold Buffalo (she/her), our new SafeHouse Advocate!

Ganesha is a Disabled, Afroindigenous community healer and matriarch, militant anti-imperialist, educator, national organizer, and multidisciplinary performance artist of 11 years—hailing from Tennessee, currently residing in Florida, and operating out of Seattle. She centers radical care and hospitality in everything that she does from the stage, studio, classroom, street, and conference room. Ganesha's drive stems from an ancestral calling to ignite the people with a hunger for reintegration from displacement and ethnocide, abolition of all colonial and neocolonial systems and systemic abuses, sex worker advocacy, food and land sovereignty, environmental justice, youth protections, by-and-for community security initiatives, and equitable resource building and redistribution via ceremony and ancestral communion.

Ganesha will be supporting trans & gender diverse survivors of gender-based violence and crime through the SafeHouse program, as well as serving on related committees and campaigns.

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We're looking for at least 6 more people to help assemble, co-lead, and keep the march on track and safe at Trans Pride Seattle! This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to volunteer—after the march ends, you are free to enjoy the Trans Pride festival!

If interested, please contact Laza@GenderJusticeLeague.org

For more information: transprideseattle.org/volunteer

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Check out what our communications manager Kai has to say on the importance of Trans Pride Seattle in this op-ed for @realchangenews: tinyurl.com/TPTP22

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If your organization or group would like to be considered to table at Trans Pride Seattle this year, please fill out our form at tiny.cc/TPSTABLE 🏳️‍⚧️

Image text reads:
Trans Pride Seattle
Interested in tabling?
Tabling space is limited! We prioritize trans-led organizations, followed by LGBTQ+ & POC specific organizations, trans-owned small businesses, and services that are utilized by trans & gender diverse people in the Puget Sound Area.
Fill out form: tiny.ccTPSTABLE

#Transpride #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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We are currently seeking performers for Trans Pride Seattle! Whether you're a DJ, singer, dancer, poet, comedian, or something that defies categorization—if you are interested in performing at TPS, please fill out the form at tinyurl.com/PerformTPS by 6/3 🏳️‍⚧️

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RSVP at tiny.cc/TPSGJLFB for this year's #TransPride Seattle! We can't wait to see you 🏳️‍⚧️

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Gender Justice League presents TRANS PRIDE SEATTLE. Friday, June 24, 2022. 5:45 PM march at Broadway & E. Roy Street, 6 PM festival at Broadway & E. Denny Way.

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