Staff & Board


Danni Askini (she/they)
Co-Executive Director of National Programs · Schedule with me on Calendly

Danni has served for over 20 years as an activist, policy expert, and organizer in two-spirit, trans and LGBQIA+ communities across the United States and Europe. As our founding Executive Director, Danni helped lead Gender Justice League in expanding access to transition-related healthcare, banning conversion therapy throughout Washington, defeating 6 anti-trans legislative bills, crushing 2 anti-trans ballot measures, launching our mutual-aid project to support survivors of gender-based violence, and successfully producing 7 Trans Pride events in Seattle. In 2018, after being targeted by the Trump Administration, Danni was forced to seek asylum in Sweden, having been denied a passport to return home. Upon returning in 2020, after settling her case through the UN Human Rights Council, Danni relocated to Washington DC to work as a Senior Health Policy Analyst supporting the passage of the HEROES and CARES Acts through Congress. Danni is now based primarily in Washington, DC and splits her time in Seattle where she has deep roots. 

Kai Aprill-Tomlin, MSW (he/him)
Communications & Membership Development Manager 

Kai is a social worker, abolitionist, and artist based in Seattle. Kai brings 10+ years of experience working directly in community on issues related to housing & houselessness and queer & trans justice, in addition to systems-level change-making. He is especially passionate about anti-racist action, transformative justice, community-centered design, and housing first and harm reduction principles. In his free time, Kai enjoys complicating manhood, supporting the local drag and ball scenes, and blaming his problems on the current astrological forecast.  

Ganesha Gold Buffalo (she/her)
SafeHouse Advocate · Schedule with me on Calendy

Ganesha is a Disabled, Afroindigenous community healer and matriarch, militant anti-imperialist, educator, national organizer, and multidisciplinary performance artist of 11 years—hailing from Tennessee, currently residing in Florida, and operating out of Seattle. She centers radical care and hospitality in everything that she does from the stage, studio, classroom, street, and conference room. Ganesha’s drive stems from an ancestral calling to ignite the people with a hunger for reintegration from displacement and ethnocide, abolition of all colonial and neocolonial systems and systemic abuses, sex worker advocacy, food and land sovereignty, environmental justice, youth protections, by-and-for community security initiatives, and equitable resource building and redistribution via ceremony and ancestral communion.  

Laza Magdalene (they/she)
Programs Associate 

Laza is a full-time student and part-time GJL employee. In their academic life, they are triple majoring in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies; Medical Anthropology; and Indigenous Archaeology, researching barriers to mental healthcare for queer individuals. 


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Sarah Moran (she/her)
Board President 

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Sarah Abshire (she/her)
Board Treasurer 

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