Gender Justice League Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Trans Pride Seattle with Zooey Zephyr, The House of Ada, & More Fabulous Trans Talent


Trans Pride Seattle will kick off Seattle Pride Weekend in Volunteer Park on Friday, June 23rd, at 6 pm.


SEATTLE, WA – For the 10th year, Trans Pride Seattle will return to Volunteer Park to celebrate the Pacific Northwest’s TwoSpirit, Trans, and Gender Diverse community with speeches, performances, and a tabling resource fair, with more than 15,000 attendees.

“This year has seen more than 450 anti-trans laws proposed in more than 45 states according to the ACLU, it has been an extraordinary difficult year for our community but nothing will stop us from celebrating together and continuing to build a more just, safe, and free society where all people can live their lives safely, true to themselves, and free from discrimination,” expressed Danni Askini, Executive Director of Gender Justice League. 

Ganesha Gold Buffalo, a Black Indigenous performer and Program Director of Gender Justice League, shared: “While corporate Pride events continue to devolve into tools of hypercapitalist marketing and the police state, community events like Trans Pride Seattle are continuing to honor and carry the torch of our transcestors who created Pride as a means of cultural communion and social dissent. The component of celebration came when we collectively realized through the struggle that we could do both. That we can self-liberate. That life for all marginalized peoples is a sacred gift to be radically celebrated and fiercely protected. This is a freedom that has been hard earned.”

Trans Pride Seattle will feature an all-star lineup including The House of Ada from HBO MAX’s ballroom competition “Legendary”; Angel Bonilla, singer and songwriter from “The Voice”; Montana State House Representative Zooey Zephyr, who was recently removed from speaking after pushing against anti-trans legislation; Washington State Senator Marko Liias, the prime sponsor of SB 5599, a recently-passed bill that protects trans youth experiencing houselessness; and T4T: Seattle’s longest-running all trans & nonbinary drag show. 

Bee’uh BombChelle, organizer and host of the T4T drag show, shared: “I’m thrilled to be attending Trans Pride Seattle’s 10th anniversary and to celebrate our communities long cherished art form of drag with T4T. At a time when lawmakers are attempting to ban drag, and attacking gender-affirming care and trans youth’s lives, it’s an honor to join together as one community in celebration and joy that affirms our lives.”  

More than a dozen local performers, DJs, community organizations, and speakers will take the stage to share their art, talent, and passion for social justice. The event begins at Volunteer Park Amphitheater at 5:00 pm, with the stage show going from 6:00 – 9:30 pm. To make the event as accessible as possible, Trans Pride Seattle is a mask mandatory event, with ASL interpretation and accessible parking and seating provided. 

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Media Contact: Kai Aprill-Tomlin
Communications Manager, Gender Justice League