On the verge of our first major insurance victory, we need you!

We have almost secured our first major victory in removing Trans Health Insurance Exclusions for Washington State Employees, but we need your help!

Gender Justice League has been working  in coalition with other organization for almost two years to study transgender healthcare exclusions found in nearly all health insurance policies in Washington State. These exclusions have been used to deny transgender people the most basic health care services that everyone expects to get when they are sick. Coming out as trans for Emerson Sekins wasn’t easy, but battling his insurance company for the basic healthcare that non-transgender people get every day made it so much harder.


“I remember sitting down with my parents and going through and explaining  what these exclusions would mean for my life and my care and having them be really worried for me. What happens if I get into an emergency situation, what happens just going into the doctors office on a routine basis and securing this coverage will be a huge relief for myself and my family.”

A public victory for Washington State Employees will send a clear message that discriminatory insurance practices like this have no place in Washington State. The Public Employees Benefits Board is on the verge of making that change, but we need your help to see this through to the end.

Support our work and help us achieve our goal of raising $2,500 by the next Public Employees Benefits Board meeting on June 25.

You can read all about our work at the Public Employees Benefits Board in the Tacoma New Tribune. With this additional scrutiny we are certain we will face more opposition in making this change happen! The board has taken the very first steps to remove these discriminatory exclusions by setting a timeline of January 2016 to provide essential healthcare for all state employees regardless of their gender identity. That is too long to wait for the basic security of having our essential healthcare covered. We can do better! We need your help to seal the deal and make this care available by January 1st, 2015 – 1 year sooner than the current plan.

Watch this video of  interviews with Washington State Employees denied access to basic health care and a medical expert to learn more and Donate now!

Please help us lock down this victory by sharing this video and donating today.

Support our work and help us achieve our goal of raising $2,500 by the end of June to remove these discriminatory Healthcare Exclusions and seal the deal for transgender Washington State Employees.

-Danielle Askini
Advocacy and Fundraising Lead
Gender Justice League