GJL is Hiring!

Gender Justice League is hiring three new positions. Each position is part time, but there is a lot of flexibility in how this workload is distributed. We are highly encouraging qualified candidates seeking full time work to consider

applying for multiple positions and are willing to customize a position for the right candidate.


Job Titles:

Application Deadline: Priority Consideration will be given to applicants who submit their materials by September 8, 2020, 5pm (PST). Job postings will remain open until they are filled.

HOW TO APPLY:1) Download the Application Instructions at this link, and 2) Click on the Job Titles above for the appropriate job descriptions.

NOTE: Three (3) Part Time Positions Available - Positions may be combined for full time work.

Compensation: $25/hr

Benefits: 32 hour work week, Health benefits available for full time employees, 10 self-designated paid holidays per year, 4 weeks of vacation, flexible scheduling, time off and reimbursement for trauma stewardship activities.

Location: Primarily remote work, with occasional local events in Seattle and Olympia. Preference for Washington State candidates, but partial reimbursement for moving costs are negotiable.


Information For All Candidates: 

Gender Justice League is Washington State’s trans and gender-diverse civil and human rights organization. Founded in 2012, we engage broadly in policy change, education, leadership development, and progressive coalition work. We are an explicitly trans feminist organization that is working to address racial, economic, disability, and social justice in our work and organization.


Ideal Candidates Will Have:

● Lived experience advocating for the rights of transgender, non-binary, Two-Spirit, and other gender variant people of color.

● Lived experience supporting people with differing abilities and diverse cultural backgrounds, such as those marginalized by transmisogyny, transphobia, racism, colorism, ableism, and classism.

● Ability to work across differences, understand concepts of privilege & oppression, and how it operates on both an interpersonal and structural level.

● Excellent ability to engage in self care, such as taking time off, managing & communicating work stress, and finding a way to take care of your needs in the workplace.

● Organizational skills such as attention to detail, calendaring / scheduling, the ability to be self-motivated, disciplined, and ability to meet a deadline.

● Ability to work independently with little direction

● Ability to work in a team and lead a team, including making an agenda and leading a meeting

● Ability and willingness to communicate directly and address conflicts as they occur, and to help promote an environment of mutual growth and accountability.


Gender Justice League is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Gender Justice League will not discriminate in employment for any reason, and especially on the basis of race, gender identity, gender expression, sex, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship or citizenship status, national origin, illness, health status including HIV or other STI status, ability, physical or mental disability, recovery from addiction, age, ethnicity, creed, color, size or height, weight, veteran status, pregnancy, genetic makeup, primary language, religious or spiritual belief, credit rating, economic status, housing or homelessness, experience surviving physical, sexual, or domestic violence, involvement in the sex trades or sex work, family responsibilities, or other unlawful factors except as required by law.


If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer form.

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