What We’re Fighting For: Our 2024 Legislative Priorities


For over 10 years, Gender Justice League has been building, growing, training, and mobilizing TwoSpirit, Trans, & Gender Diverse (2STGD) communities to impact public and private decision-makers in addressing the widespread disparities we face. As part of this work, each year during the legislative session we compile an advocacy team made up of 2STGD community members with strong lived and organizing experience in our areas of focus. 

Our priority bills this legislative session:

  • YES on Keep Our Care Act (HB 1263 / SB 5241): Catholic hospital chains have bought up almost 80% of hospitals in WA and prevent both gender-affirming care and abortions in those hospitals. This bill gives the attorney general power over big hospital consolidations, and would require these hospitals to provide gender-affirming care, reproductive care, and end-of-life care. 
  • NO on Let’s Go WA ballot initiatives, including “Parent’s Bill of Rights” (I-2081). This package of initiatives put forth by a conservative political action committee focuses on taking away protections for trans & queer people, eroding state funding for necessary social infrastructure, and increasing police power. One of the initiatives of highest concern to us is I-2081, which hopes to create a “Parent’s Bill of Rights” that undermines trans students’ autonomy and self-determination: allowing parents to opt students out of sex education, and any education/assignments/topics related to CRT or “sexuality.” This initiative also destroys students’ privacy when receiving medical care in school, granting parents access to this information. 
  • NO on Trans Youth Health Ban (HB 1214): This bill would ban any gender-affirming care for minors (under 18) in WA, and prevent mental health and medical providers from referring minors to care. This would immediately “de-transition” anyone under 18 in WA who is currently receiving this care, and would outlaw any care going forward, making it a class C felony to provide or refer minors to gender-affirming care. Our team is currently mobilizing community members to contact Rep. Marcus Riccelli and ask him not to hold a hearing in his committee for HB 1214.
  • NO on Prohibiting Gender-Affirming Care for Minors (HB 2241): This bill would prohibit puberty blocking medications, “cross-sex hormones,” and gender transition surgeries for minors. 
  • NO on Birth Names Only in Schools (SB 6026): This bill would require students in public schools to use only their name assigned at birth, prohibiting the use of nicknames or preferred/alternative names. This bill allows educators to not use the pronouns or alternative names requested by a student. This would affect more than trans students: it would apply to any student who prefers a nickname to their assigned name or a shortened version of their name (e.g. Sam vs. Samuel). 
  • NO on Mandated Reporting Against Trafficking (HB 1937): This bill names healthcare providers as mandated reporters for suspected human trafficking. The problem with this bill is that sex work is so often inappropriately confused as trafficking, and reporting sex workers for doing sex work endangers us. Additionally, trans people who are not sex workers are also often assumed to be; this bill would lead to an increase in reporting trans people for simply existing and trying to access medical care, which endangers us. 

Other bills we are keeping watch on:

  • PRO: PEP Access across Washington (SB 6127)
  • PRO: Rent Stabilization (HB 2114)
  • PRO: Curriculum Inclusion (SB 5462)
  • PRO: Crime Victim Support (SB 5937)

For more information about our advocacy work, visit GenderJusticeLeague.org/Advocacy