The 2015 Gender Justice Awards dinner will highlight and showcase the incredible activism of Trans and Allied Activists who have made incredible strides for Trans, Gender Queer, and Gender Non-Conforming people in the Pacific Northwest.

This year’s Gender Justice Awards will be hosted by Ian Harvie comedian and actor who appeared in the Golden Globe Award winning series Transparent.

Tickets Available at: BROWN PAPER TICKETS
Doors Open: 6pm
Dinner & Program Starts: 7pm
Event Ends: 10pm

We will join together to celebrate Trans activist, performers, community members and allies working in a number of key areas:

Emerging Activist Award
HIV/AIDS Justice Award
Solidarity Award
Organization, Group, or Business Award
Health Justice Award
Public Official or Political Power Award
Artist, Writer, or Performer Award
Longevity & Self Care Award

Tickets costs are going to:
Price of a catered Meal
Space Rental
Emcee & performers
Equipment rental

Our Views on ethical fundraising:
We ask attendees to come prepared to make an additional donation if possible, tickets are priced to be as accessible as possible for our community and are intended to cover just the cost of the event (catered food is expensive!). We recognize not everyone who attends can give, at our ticket prices we expect to only “break even”. Additional Gifts will go directly to Trans* Pride Seattle 2015 and Gender Justice League’s Education & Advocacy efforts.

Gender Justice League is committed to economic accessibility: 10% of seats (20) will be reserved for sliding scale attendance. Please email danni@genderjusticeleague.org if you are in need of a sliding scale ticket. Attendees can also sponsor one of these tickets.

Accessibility: GJL strives to make our spaces radically accessible. Melrose Market is wheelchair accessible.

ASL Interpretation: ASL interpretation will be provided.

Alcohol and Substance Use Policy: Gender Justice League strives to make our events accessible to all portions of our community, including young people and those of us recovering from substance abuse. As such, Gender Justice League intentionally does not serve alcohol at our events.  We believe that it is possible to embraces a sober environment without sacrificing the joy and celebration of this community event.  Those people who use substances such as medical marijuana to treat pain or other conditions are welcome to do so discretely and in locations that are in accordance with state law.


Smoke-Free, Low-Scent Policy: In order to make the Gender Justice Awards a healthy, accessible place for everyone, we are enacting a smoke-free, low-scent policy.

Smoke and many scents aggravate a large number of health conditions including asthma, migraines, multiple chemical sensitivities and compromised immune systems. A lot of people are forced to choose between missing out on community events or getting headaches, dizziness, sore throats, nausea, rashes and a whole bunch of other negative reactions.

Were changing that and we need your help. Please don’t smoke in or around the entranceway to this event. If you do smoke, please take a few minutes to air out afterward, and wash your hands when you get back. There will be unscented soap in the bathrooms. Also, on the day of the event please refrain from using cologne, perfume, nail polish, and other products with strong artificial fragrances or chemical odors (please do wear any topical medicine you need in order to be healthy regardless of scent). If you are not sure if a scented product will pose a problem for some people, the safe bet is to refrain from using it for this one day.

We recognize that for a lot of people, going smoke-free and low-scent is a big change. We appreciate this. And the effort on your part is a way of showing love for our community. As trans, gender queer, and gender non-conforming people we need a safe, loving space to call our own. Thank you for helping us make that place a reality.

Fragrance-free and low-scent alternatives to heavily scented personal grooming products are available, and alternatives can be made from basic ingredients for far less than even discount, mainstream products. For more information on fragrance-free and low-scent alternatives see here and here.

If you have any accessibility needs please contact Jessica Littenberg at jessical@genderjusticeleague.org