Washington State 2018 Primary

Remember, today August 7th is the deadline to return your primary ballots in WA State!

If you don’t know who to vote for, a good way to make an educated decision is to look up online the endorsements listed on your favorite newspaper. If you agree politically with the articles, chances are you’ll agree politically with the endorsements made.


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Cupcake Royale donates $2800 to GJL programs

Back in June, local cupcake & ice cream purveyor Cupcake Royale pledged to donate proceeds from their Pride-Month rainbow cupcakes to GJL. They even allowed us to design some of the cupcake tops! Selections included our logos, plus the trans pride flag design.

Today, they handed us a big check...literally! We received a whopping $2800 from their June promotion. 

A big thank you to our friends at Cupcake Royale!

Click on the link (GJL YouTube) to find out what happened next, when we tried to deposit our check at the bank!

Gender Justice League launches new website

We are excited to announce that we are launching our new website, www.genderjusticeleague.org.

Our new website was redesigned to streamline content and materials to help bring transgender rights to all.

Read about our organization on our about page, for resources check out our resources page and keep up with all of our activities on our updates page.

And a special thank you to Tectnonica for helping us bring this new tool in fighting for transgender civil rights.

Gender Justice League responds to Judge Kavanaugh nomination

Last night, President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. If Kavanaugh is appointed, it would pose a devastating blow to civil rights, transgender people, and countless marginalized communities in our country.

“Gender Justice League condemns Kavanaugh as President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court.” said Sophia Lee, Board Chair of Gender Justice League. “With Kavanaugh, we would be seeing attacks against people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrants and many others for years if not decades to come. We cannot allow a Supreme Court Justice who will allow discrimination against our most marginalized communities”

“Kavanaugh would represent a huge shift of the Supreme Court away from the will of the people.” said Elayne Wylie, Deputy Director of Gender Justice League. “The Trump Administration has time and time again expressed their views against women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, and so many other people. We believe that this nomination is another attack on marginalized communities. The Supreme Court must not become a puppet of the Trump Administration that would erode away at the freedoms required for people to live their lives.”

“This nomination follows a trend of the Trump administration trying to put power in the hands of radical conservatives.” said Maayan Kline, Board Treasurer of Gender Justice League. “Now more than ever we need to make it clear to our Senators that we will not stand for having our rights threatened.”

We urge for the community to contact their Senators and let them know that our communities oppose this nomination.

Please donate to help support Gender Justice League as we face a never-ending onslaught of discrimination and harmful decisions from the current Federal Administration.

Sophia Lee
Board Chair

Elayne Wylie
Deputy Director

Maayan Kline
Board Treasurer

Gender Justice League Responds to Masterpiece Bakery Case Ruling

Seattle, WA – “Gender Justice League joins our colleagues around the country in expressing our disappointment in today’s Supreme Court ruling.” Said Danni Askini, Executive Director of Gender Justice League “this ruling, however, is extremely limited in scope, affecting only one individual, and in no way represents a rollback of the rights of LGBTQI+ people nationally.”

“In today’s ruling, the Supreme Court narrowly overturned the Colorado Human Right’s commission’s ruling in the Masterpiece Bakery case.” Said Sophia Lee, Gender Justice League’s board chair, “The ruling by the Supreme Court focused on the fairness of the initial trial that Mr. Phillips   received in front of the Colorado Human Right’s Commission, not on the underlying facts at hand.”

The court’s ruling today relied on statements by the commission that expressed disregard of Mr. Phillips‘ religious beliefs, and therefore the court vacated the initial hearing was unfair.  The court, however, did not touch on the underlying question of religious refusal of service. In fact, the court noted in its opinion that,

           “Nevertheless, while those religious and philosophical objections are protected, it is a general rule that such objections do not allow business owners and other actors in the economy and in society to deny protected persons equal access to goods and services under a neutral and generally applicable public accommodations law”

“Today the court reaffirmed that state laws requiring all people to be served equally in places of public accommodations, including LGBTQI+ people must be respected and upheld regardless of a person’s religious beliefs,” said Elayne Wylie, Deputy Director of Gender Justice League., “While we are disappointed for the couple who were refused service in Colorado, this ruling will in no way impact the laws here in Washington State which clearly spell out that all people including transgender and non-binary people, bisexual, lesbian, gay, and queer people must be treated with dignity, respect, and treated equally in all places of public accommodations.”

Sophia Lee
Board Chair

Danni Askini
Executive Director

Elayne Wylie
Deputy Director


Trans Pride 2018

Trans Pride Seattle is an annual event organized by Gender Justice League in association with local organizations who support the Seattle-area trans and gender diverse community.

Washington DOH Passes Groundbreaking Rule Creating a Third Gender Option for Birth Certificates

Washington DOH Passes Groundbreaking Rule Creating a Third Gender Option for Birth Certificates

Rule creates gender marker “X” for those who identify as a gender that is not exclusively male or female

SEATTLE, WASH. – Today, the Washington State Department of Health passed a new rule that simplifies the process for a person to change the gender listed on their birth certificate. The rule also creates a gender marker X, which represents a gender that is not exclusively male or female (such as nonbinary, intersex, agender, genderfluid, genderqueer, transgender, Two Spirit, and others). Washington is one of only 3 states and Washington D.C. to legally recognize people outside the gender binary.

Gender equity and transgender rights advocates —including Gender Justice League, Legal Voice, Pride Foundation, and Ingersoll Gender Center— praised the DOH for taking steps to recognize all Washingtonians as who they are.

“This is a monumental step by the state to recognize that there are thousands of Washingtonians who are neither male nor female,” said Jeremiah Allen Director of TRANSform Washington. “This follows a growing international recognition of the rights of indigenous and gender diverse people to be recognized fully for who they are by their governments.”

Currently, state law requires either a court order or a doctor's letter if a person needs to change the gender listed on their birth certificate. Even then, the gender options are restricted to male and female. Under the new rule, adults will have the right to self-attest to the gender marker change, without a court order or doctor’s letter. However, minors will still need a statement from an approved health care provider, and a parent or legal guardian will need to complete the application.

“We know that binary gender markers on government documents, including birth certificates, are insufficient both as a means to accurately reflect gender and to ensure equality,” said Danni Askini, Executive Director of Gender Justice League. “Today, the Department of Health took a critical step in eliminating social and legal barriers that undermine the health, safety, and equality of people because of their gender.”

The alternative to the binary designations applies only to minors and adults who apply to update their birth certificates. The gender marker options for newborns will still be male and female and undetermined. Further, the process for updating gender markers on other state identification—such as a driver license or ID card—remains unchanged.

“There are, of course, some logistics to work out as the Department of Health is now the only state agency that allows a gender marker that is not strictly male or female,” says Karter Booher, Executive Director of Ingersoll Gender Center. “The U.S. Department of State, which controls the passport process, also doesn’t recognize genders outside the gender binary. We are celebrating this initial victory, and looking forward to a multi-year, multi-agency effort to recognize people of all genders.”

More information on the rule can be found here: https://www.doh.wa.gov/LicensesPermitsandCertificates/BirthDeathMarriageandDivorce/RuleMaking

Gender Justice League is Washington State’s civil and human rights organization on gender and sexuality whose work seeks to empower and transform our communities into places where people of all genders and sexualities can live their lives safely, true to themselves, and free from discrimination.

Legal Voice is a progressive feminist organization using the power of the law to make positive change for women and girls in the Northwest. Legal Voice uses ground-breaking litigation, legislative advocacy, and community education to fight gender oppression and injustice in the legal system.

Ingersoll Gender Center that has provided support groups for the Seattle trans and gender diverse community for 40 years and Pride Foundation’s Transform Washington campaign, that is focused on the lives and experiences of transgender and gender diverse people, with an emphasis on communities of color.

TRANSform Washington is a public education campaign celebrating the dignity, diversity, and humanity of transgender and gender diverse people. We believe all Washingtonians deserve to be safe, to be their true selves, and to live free from discrimination. TRANSform Washington is supported by Pride Foundation.

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