Trainings, Consultations, & Speeches

Drawing from our experiences advocating on personal and systemic levels, our leaders have been creating and delivering high-quality trainings, business and nonprofit consultations, and speaking engagements since 2008. At the core of our work, we maintain that trans and gender diverse people bring unique and valuable perspectives to our relationships, workplaces, movements, and broader communities. Rather than conforming to systems and ideas, trans communities forge new paths and ways of being which are authentic to ourselves, in order to actualize our true potentials. Instead of thinking outside of the box, we are throwing the box away entirely.

What We Offer


Trainings: trans 101 / 201+

Education about trans people begins with an awareness of ourselves and our own biases. In our trans 101/201 trainings, we facilitate processes of self reflection and self interrogation, investigating questions such as: why do trans people experience disproportionately negative outcomes, and what role do I play in this? What assumptions do I have about trans people? Where do my fears around trans people come from? How can we begin to decolonize our ideas about gender? What have we lost through legacies of colonization and white supremacy, and what can we work to restore? Breaking internalized transphobia down into its component parts, we are better positioned to address it within ourselves and our communities.

Business & nonprofit Consultations

Pulling from 13+ years of experience, we offer customized packages of information for any group, including but not limited to businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations. Going beyond inclusivity, we recognize businesses and organizations are influenced by systems of oppression—and that most business entities were not designed with trans people in mind. Rather than providing band-aid solutions to equity issues, we open up organizations to see the unique values that trans people bring to our workplaces, and how our unique experiences are assets, not liabilities. Pulling from the culture and wisdom of trans people—who reject the ways society assigns us to be, and innovate systems that do not work for us—we apply this lens to organizations to help them transform. Using corporate strategies to fuel continuous improvement, we examine what is, and what is possible.


Speaking engagements

Our leaders have given solo and collaborative speeches and presentations, and participated on panels—both in person and virtually—for audiences as large as several hundred people. Pricing is negotiable based on the scope of work, organizational need, and budget.

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