About SafeHouse:

Temporary Housing & Financial Assistance

SafeHouse is a program of Gender Justice League that provides direct services to trans, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse communities in Washington State—with priority for trans & gender diverse BIPOC, and trans & gender diverse survivors of gender-based violence and crime. 

Our program combines government funding and directly raised mutual-aid funds from our own community to support as many people as possible with as much flexibility as we can offer. 

What We Offer

We do not provide crisis or emergency services: it may take up to 48 hours for us to respond to requests for support. For crisis or emergency services, we recommend Crisis Connection‘s 24-hour line: 866-427-4747. Other resources for support can be found in our resource guide

Temporary Shelter

We assist survivors who are fleeing violence with temporary emergency shelter in the form of hotel or Airbnb stays for up to three days, while we work with you to access a longer-term shelter or housing situation. GJL does not currently own or operate a shelter. Priority for funds goes to trans, Two-Spirit, & gender diverse BIPOC.

flexible Financial Assistance

We provide small financial assistance grants (usually less than $300) to support survivors in getting to safety. Our funding is flexible but intended for smaller expenses such as transportation, utilities, food, and clothing; and on rare occasions, larger expenses such as rent or rental deposits, where there is a clear plan in place to meet future expenses. Priority for funds goes to trans, Two-Spirit, & gender diverse BIPOC.

Resource Navigation

We provide help in navigating resources related to housing, food, healthcare, transportation, HIV & STI testing, and more. We can meet via phone or video to help figure out how to best support your needs. We often refer people to other resources, but sometimes we are able to provide 1:1 support while navigating systems of bureaucracy.


Safety Planning

We support trans, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse survivors of gender-based violence, sexual assault, hate crimes, or other crimes throughout Washington State in getting to a safe place and finding the support they need by making a plan together, and connecting them to resources such as shelter, food, healthcare, and healing care. 

Who is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for SafeHouse services, you must: 

(a) Live in Washington State, AND

(b) have experienced any form of gender-based violence* OR have survived any form of crime**.

*Examples of gender-based violence may include domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, workplace sexual harassment, harassment by a landlord/roommate, or a hate crime. 

**Examples of crime may include robbery, theft, or violent crime; being fired illegally; or being discriminated against or denied service due to your gender identity. 

To Access Services

New clients: please select a “SAFE House Intake Call” appointment.

Established clients: make an appointment for any duration of time that works for you.

For questions, contact or 206-395-6643 (call or text)