29 March, 2019 11:24 AM

March/April Newsletter

Hello Indomitable Gender Justice League Followers!


It looks like the beginnings of spring around the office! GJL has bunches of information to share with you. Please read until the VERY END for updates regarding drop-in hours, Legislative Updates, volunteer opportunities, important reminders, and more info about TransPride2019!


Drop-In Hours


Due to the busy and ever-changing nature of our work and the Safe House Program, drop-in hours are Wednesdays from 12-3 in the afternoon. Appointments need to be made first at all other times. A simple phone call or email will work. Our office is very small and our hours are very flexible to fit the needs of our clients and the community. Thank you for your understanding.


Legislative Update


The Reproductive Healthcare Access for All bill, (SB 5602) passed the Senate in a 28-17 vote, and we are very excited that the version that they passed included coverage for PrEP, the medication that can be taken daily to prevent HIV. The bill now moves over to the House, where it had a hearing this week. It still needs to be voted out of committee to pass, so contact the House Committee Representatives today!


Unfortunately, not all the bills we are tracking are doing so well. Last week a few bills failed to meet the deadline for a vote and are dead for the session. That included a bill to ban trans-panic defenses, a bill to decrease the criminalization of HIV, and a bill to stop sexually exploited children from being arrested for prostitution.


We're still keeping an eye another half-dozen bills that are making their way through the legislature, including the comprehensive sex ed bill (SB 5395), the LGBTQ Statewide Commission (SB 5356), the anti-bullying bill (SB 5689), and more. See last week's email for more information about each of these bills.

Lavender Rights Legal Document Clinic


Lavender Rights Project is having a legal document clinic on March 29th from 3pm-5pm at their office. You can drop in for help changing your name and gender marker on legal documents, with legal staff, medical providers, and a notary present to help.

Their Facebook event is here with more information.


Volunteer Opportunities


TransPride2019: Volunteering is LIVE! Click here to volunteer for TransPride2019!

Pronoun Buttons: We need to make pronoun buttons for a host of upcoming events and tabling opportunities.


Important Reminders!


  • Lavender Rights Legal Clinic: March 29th
  • GJL @ GLSEN’s Leadership Conference: March 30th
  • TransPride2019: June 28, 2019
  • Volunteer BBQ: July 10, 2019 @ Carkeek Park!
  • Consider becoming a Monthly Donor! Click here.
  • Attend a Board Meeting! Meetings are held at the Gender Justice League offices on the third Sunday of every month from noon to three.


Thanks for reading to the very end, and we look forward to connecting with you soon. Remember, you can always get in touch with us via our website or call our office at 206-538-0423.


Rock on!

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