Leadership Development

Gender Justice League strives to have leadership development at our core. We focus on building competencies in advocacy and education as well as hands-on skills building activities. We believe that building skills and confidence through experience are critical steps towards building a grass roots movement to address the cultural oppression Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people face.

Increase Trans* leadership and provide leadership skills development opportunities

We are accomplishing this goal through

A Summer 2-Day Leadership Development Retreat

GJL believes that grass roots movements require intensive training and leadership development. We have decided to focus on regular leadership trainings, mentorship, and an intensive 2 to 3 days summer retreat for up to 25 Trans* identified people or allies to learn about grass roots organizing and advocacy.  This retreat focuses on public speaking, nuts and bots organizing (such as cold calling, meeting facilitation, google apps use, emailing, and), coalition building,  anti-oppression training on racism, sexism, cissexism, homo-bi-queerphobia, and mobilizing and energizing the people around you.  This retreat helps to build a network of connected leaders, solidify our community and friendships, and focus on celebrating our leadership in a shared space.

Fundraising Trainings

We regular engage our members in grass roots fundraising trainings. This includes trainings on seeking donations from friends and families, developing a social media fundraising campaign, crowd source fundraising, and of course an intensive grant writing workshop.  We draft our grants as a collective, with one or two members taking on the spear heading of a sub-committee of grant writers and editors. We host grant writing workshops regularly (about once a month) for any GJL members interested in joining the grant research and writing team.

1-on-1 mentorship

As part of our ongoing leadership development process our goal is to pair incoming members with organizational leaders and title holders. Organizational officers hold offices for one year, and it is our hope to cultivate internal leadership through mentorship to transition members through these positions. Mentorship is a key part of skills building and at our core. Formal and informal mentorships are intiated

Working from an intersectional approach

As an organization committed to and focused on our work from an intersectional approach, GJL is committed to doing our leadership development work with this in mind.  Our goals include:

Racial Justice and Gender Justice Retreat

Gender Justice League will work to host a retreat that is focused on Racial Justice and Gender Justice intersections in collaboration with people of color lead organizations that will deepen our understanding of white supremacy, addressing internalized racism, and tools and frames for doing racial justice work. Similarly we will reach out to organizations serving communities of color to increase the accessibility of those organizations for Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people. This retreat will focus on 30 leaders.

Working from an intersectional approach

GJL will increase our collaborations with community of color serving organizations to deepen our understanding and commitment to working in solidarity across issues that impact our community.

Recruit members and leaders who are Trans* People of Color

Gender Justice League is committed to an intersectional and anti-racist approach to doing Trans* justice work. This includes working to address our own challenges in reaching and recruiting Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color and allies. We will work to promote the leadership of GJL members who are people of color to support this goal by recognizing that it is not just who is at the table, but who is starting and setting the conversations that contribute to a culture that recognizes that the intersections of our identities compounds the oppression, discrimination, and violence we face as Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people.

Support current members who are People of Color

Trans* People of Color have historically and continue to be heavily excluded from leadership within LGB and Trans* community organizations. Gender Justice League will incorporate regular racial justice organizing training, discussions of the implications of white supremacy on non-profit organizing, and conversations about how we can engage in inter-sectional work that stands in solidarity with issues faced by communities of color.

Program evaluation

Gender Justice League will work to create ongoing program evaluation to ensure that we are both meeting the needs of the community and our membership. This program evaluation will take the form of surveys, focus groups, 1-on-1 meetings, and regular member meetings every other week where we will hold an open forum for discussion of programs.

Increase the number of people engaging in allyship

GJL envisions allyship as a continual process of building education, actively engaging in solidarity efforts, and working to address oppression and disparities.  Through this lens Gender Justice League hopes to engage more people in acts of allyship to Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people.

Ally Leadership training curriculum

Gender Justice League will work to develop an allyship training for friends, family, and community members who are interested in supporting the Trans* people in their lives and communities.

Education & Outreach efforts

Gender Justice League will include a significant portion of its education and outreach training to recruit and build more allyship within the community for Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people. We will build and adapt materials utilized by other organizations and communities to engage people in thinking critically about how they have cisgender privilege and perpetuate the oppression of Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people.

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