Taking B(l)ack Pride
In Support of Taking B(l)ack Pride

Gender Justice League supports Taking B(l)ack Pride and the existence of spaces which center, celebrate, and uplift Black and brown LGBTQI+ voices, contributions, wellness, and joy.

We condemn the actions and statements made by Capitol Hill Pride in opposition to Taking B(l)ack Pride (TBP). By making (TBP) free for Black and brown LGBTQI+ people, organizers are centering and celebrating community members who are frequently exploited, left out from, and subject to violence across spaces and institutions, including non BIPOC-centered pride events. Creating a safe and free space for Black and brown LGBTQI+ people to exist and celebrate honors the true spirit of Pride, which we celebrate to commemorate the Stonewall Riots: started by Black and brown trans women protesting police brutality fueled by the intersections of racism and homo/transphobia.

By offering paid admittance (reparations) to white people, TBP is kindly extending a chance to share in this event which is not about or for white consumption. By paying reparations to attend, white people acknowledge the history of white supremacy and colonization that we participate in and benefit from, and make a small step to show solidarity to and support the livelihood of our Black and brown LGBTQI+ community members.

We encourage supporters to boycott Capitol Hill Pride, and to support and attend Taking B(l)ack Pride. In solidarity, Gender Justice League has given $1,000 to Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network for the event.

TBP is accepting funds via

  • Venmo: TWOCSolidarity-NW
  • Cashapp: TWOCSolidarityNW
  • Paypal: TWOCSolidarityNW

With pride,

Gender Justice League