About SafeHouse & Financial Assistance Programs

SafeHouse is a program of Gender Justice League that provides direct services to transgender and gender diverse communities in Seattle and along the Olympia peninsula. Our services prioritize survivors of gender-based violence. This includes people experiencing domestic violence,  sexual assault, and/or exploitation in the sex trade. 

Our SafeHouse was designed to provide brief overnight shelter for transgender and gender diverse people who are escaping gender-based violence. Our policy allows for guests to sleep in the space for up to five nights per calendar month (and up to 14 nights for cases impacted by COVID-19). 

Three Aspects of safehouse

How It Works


Our shelter is intended for people who just need a brief respite between longer term housing situations, and we prioritize those clients. When our shelter is not in use, we can also accommodate people experiencing homelessness, but only on a night-by-night basis to keep the shelter available for those escaping gender based violence at home.

Resource Navigation

SafeHouse staff members are able to provide assistance in navigating resources that are related to housing, food, transportation, and other next steps. We can meet with you over phone or video to help figure out how to best support your needs. We often refer people to other resources, but sometimes we are able to provide 1:1 support while navigating systems of bureaucracy.

Financial Assistance

To support trans and gender diverse people who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or exploitation in the sex trade, Gender Justice League can provide financial assistance grants. Priority for funds goes to trans and gender diverse BIPOC.

Our funding is flexible, but intended for smaller expenses such as utilities and occasional larger expenses such as rent or a rental deposit. If you think you might be eligible, please set up a new client meeting to begin a conversation.

New clients must make an appointment.