Welcome to Gender Justice League

Welcome to Gender Justice League

GJLskylineGender Justice League is a Washington state Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming, and Allied activist collective headquartered in Seattle. We are an open membership based organization that seeks to be as non-hierarchical as possible while maintaining order and accountability to ourselves and our community. To learn more about us, please check out our “About GJL” section.

Gender Justice League Membership is open to anyone who supports our mission, values, and vision and makes a commitment to contribute a personally significant amount of time, energy, thought, friendship, resources, knowledge, or money. To find more about becoming a member –check out our membership page!

What we are doing:
Gender Justice League is focused on creating a resilient and powerful Trans* community through a combination of community based events, and an ongoing process of leadership development.

Recognizing that according to the Movement Advancement Project only 4% of employees in the major LGBT organizations are Trans* identified and that Trans* people face nearly double the unemployment rate and 90% report on the job harassment, discrimination, or violence –GJL is situated in an intersectional gender justice model that seeks to empower Trans* and Gender non-conforming people to combat the interlocking systems of oppression, discrimination, and violence that we face in our daily lives through an intersectional approach that seeks to address the multiple systems of oppression (racism, classism, ablism, heterosexism, cissexism, sexism, nationalism, etc..) that are active working against Trans* people to limit our life chances, deny us legitimacy, and marginalize us in community.

In Winter and Spring 2013 GJL will be hosting a number of community based events and focus groups to inform our ongoing strategic planning process to develop our programs, projects, and the key issues we will address starting in fall 2013.  In summer 2013 we will embark upon an ambitious leadership development program to recruit and train 25 committed Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming, and Allied activists to carry out our first annual cycle of programming as outlined in our strategic plan.

If you are interested in participating in our focus groups please email us.
If you are interested in joining our regular membership meetings check our our upcoming events calendar!
If you are interested in donating please check out our donation page.