Education & Resources

Gender Justice League is dedicated to engaging in education, outreach to other communities, and the development of resources for Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming people, and our allies as a tool for creating overall social change.

Education, Outreach & Resource Programs:

Speaker’s Bureau

Gender Justice League coordinates a speaker’s bureau of members who will go out to community based organizations, schools, organizations, medical or social service providers, or anyone else who wants to learn more about Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people.  If you are interested in participating in the speaker’s bureau please email Elayne Wylie through our contact page.

Trans* Safe Space Program: Provider, Employer, & Community Training

The Trans* Safe Space Program is a comprehensive approach to providing employers, service providers, medical providers, and community organizations with an opportunity to get trained about working with and serving Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people. Our trainings go beyond Trans* 101 to engage in more detailed conversations about obsticles and barriers Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people face to accessing services, current issues facing Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people, and discussions about Washington State’s non-discrimination law and organizations obligations under the Anderson-Murray human rights act. Please contact Elayne Wylie to schedule a training, her contact information can be found on our contact page.

Coalitions, Outreach & Collaborations

As a key strategy to accomplish our work, Gender Justice League will join with allies in coalitions and collaborations to tackle challenges that we can’t overcome on our own. We attempt to focus our collaborations on other like-minded social justice organizations that are working from an anti-oppression and intersectional framework.   If  you are interested in joining with Gender Justice League, please email our Executive Director, Danielle Askini through our contact page.

Our Goals  for our Education, Outreach, and Resource Development Projects

Education& Outreach Goals

1. Working with most impacted and marginalized groups – This includes working with community of color, immigrant communities, people with limited English proficiency  low-income and working class people, people with disabilities, women, gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities to address the intersections of oppression. We will work in these communities to increase knowledge about Trans* people lives, the oppression we face, and to educate ourselves about the ways we can stand in solidarity and engage in allyship with these communities.

2. Increasing trans*competence from a social justice framework in all forms of care – Specifically Gender Justice League is interested in training “beyond Trans* 101” to elevate multiple narratives about the ways to be trans. We will focus on minimizing conversations about medical procedures to end the cultural fetish with Trans* people’s bodies which only serves to further “other” Trans* people.  Our training will focus on discussing gender-based systems of oppression and the impact that these systems have on Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people in our everyday lives. We will also focus on conversations about how race, class, and gender expression contribute to overlapping and compounded experiences of discrimination, violence, and harassment.

3. Increasing visibility and positive portrayals of Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people in the media – Gender Justice League will work to create, on our own and in collaboration with other organization,  cultural images and media that portrays complex 3-dimensional narratives about Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people including the many ways to be Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming.  We will work to broaden these narratives beyond ones that focus on medical transitions or narratives that focus on a ‘binary way’ of experiencing gender as either male or female. Our focus will be in producing many forms of media that affirm all the many ways in which Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people’s identities and experiences manifest. We believe these positive images will help to increase resiliency and positive anti-oppressive self-images within the Trans* and Gender Non-conforming communities. 

Resource Program Goals

1. Create a “Trans* Safe Space” Program –  Trans* Safe Space is a vital project to help Trans* people know with assurance that service providers, community organizations, public places, and government agencies have been trained on working with Trans* people.  The development of a referal program, a key goal of Gender Justice League, requires us to ensure that the providers we are refferring to understand Trans* issues, experiences with violence, discrimination, and guarentee that they will work with Trans* folks in an affirming way. Trans* Safe Space’s program will include stickers, posters, media, and tool kits for anyone receiving training.

2. Coordinate with existing services – While we are an ambitious group, Gender Justice League recognizes we can’t do it all (even if we might like to). Gender Justice League will not replicate the services being produced by other organizations. Our resources and outreach will be focused on amplifying the exemplary work that is being done by providers and organizations. We will seek to partner with and train other providers and organizations to do their work better rather than reinventing the wheel.

3. Produce resources for use by Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming people and our allies – Gender Justice League will produce resources that are either adapted from other fantastic resources to be localized to Washington State or will create original resources for use by Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming people or our allies in engaging in self-advocacy, training other providers, or spreading culture change beyond Gender Justice League.