Community Building

GJL members have identified active community building as a key need for the Seattle’s Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming population.

One of the principal ways GJL builds community is through community events. Community events are focused on building Trans* community, elevating  Trans* community visibility, and deepening our analysis, connection, and cohesion to collectively engage in advocacy and social change work. GJL also works through social outreach to broadening inclusiveness in existing Seattle LGB groups, with a goal of reducing internalized cissexism and transphobia in gender and sexual diverse communities. Successful community events include Trans* Pride Seattle, Fighting Transmisoginy in the Queer Community, Community Trans* Healthcare Forum, The Gender Justice Awards, as well as game nights and Queers Take Over Seattle Events.

Here are our Community Building Goals for 2013-2015

1. Build Trans* community

1. The creation of regular Trans* social events – We hope to partner with other organizations and community members to produce smaller, regular social events for Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people to get together. This may include: “Queers take over” events, discussion groups, or attending other events together.

2. Host Trans* specific discussion groups – A crucial part of community is elevating conversation and dialogue. GJL hopes to create smaller open community forums to discuss issues relevant to Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people.

3. Co-sponsorship of LGBT social events – Recognizing we can’t do it all, Gender Justice League will seek to co-sponsor social, community, and social justice events organized by other community groups that serve Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people or to bring Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people to events that might not traditionally be attended by our communities.

4. Hosting Trans* Pride – Pride is a hallmark event in almost every major city in The United States and has been a key venue for open dialogue, political demands, social connections and gathering. Gender Justice League will Organize Trans* Pride Seattle 2013 as a way to elevate and escalate the visibility and discourse in Seattle about Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people.  Trans* Pride Seattle will be a launching off point for Trans* community to form and learn about services that are available.

5. Seattle Trans town hall  – In Conjunction with allied organizations and the City of Seattle LGBT Commission; Gender Justice League will seek to host a Trans* Town Hall at City Hall each year to provide a forum for the Trans* community to be heard by elected officials and community leaders.

2. Broadening inclusiveness in the LGB communities

1. Speak and educate at bars clubs, parties, any queer events  – Gender Justice League will seek to do internal Trans* education that goes beyond 101 for LGB audiences. This will include reaching out to other organizations that serve primarily LGB clients. We will also attend events, give lectures, have open houses, and so on to discuss the connected relationships of oppression between LGB and Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people.

2. Trans* feminist classes & discussions – Gender Justice League believes that Trans* Misogyny is a serious and real problem for Trans* feminine spectrum people.  We will work to hold Trans Feminist classes and discussions to increase connections between queer women’s, feminist, and Trans* feminine spectrum communities.

3. Support a movement to the ICATH standards – Gender Justice League supports the depathologization of Trans* identities and will work to educate LGB people about the need for non-gatekeeping standards for therapy and medical care such as ICATH.


See our calender for upcoming GJL events and meetups.