Welcome to the Gender Justice League Membership Program!

Membership Committees: Returning Soon

Membership Committees are our monthly meetings held to discuss the current state of the membership program, brainstorm new ideas, recruitment strategies or just be social and welcome new members to the fold.

Date and Time: 3rd Sunday of every month, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Location: Agnes Underground – 1433 12th Avenue, Suite 1A, Seattle.

A meeting will only be held if there are folks who have RSVP’d to Ally Cenci, our Membership and Volunteer Director.

Virtual Membership Committees: Coming Soon

Virtual Membership Committees are our largely the same as the membership committees but held on Google Hangouts for those who are out of the area, or otherwise unable to come to Agnes Underground, should a situation arise where a normal committee is cancelled a virtual one may be held in it’s place.

Date and Time: TBA
Location: Cyberspace! Google Hangouts

Also we ask that you are signed up and part of the Membership Program before volunteering, we want to make sure everyone gets the same opportunities and chances in this new program.

Email: allyc@genderjusticeleague.org with your questions or use the form below to sign up for the next orientation!

Some of the benefits of being a member of Gender Justice League include:

  • Volunteer Opportunities like Trans* Pride or the Gender Justice Awards.
  • Membership Levels with varying perks and fun benefits including leadership opportunities.
  • Social media access to our membership groups and social events.
  • Membership Perks which can range from a shout out on the website, to a recognition award to a featured article in our membership publication!
  • Membership Appreciation Events which are our chance to thank you for what you do.
  • Every 6 months or so we will be holding an open round-table for members to come in, network with staff and board and give feedback
  • Custom Photo Name Badge after 9 months of Membership!

We are also recruiting members for more specialized teams as this new membership program continues to evolve, including county-specific teams for the local areas as well as for our canvassing, outreach, phone banking, data entry and publication teams with more to come!


Due to upcoming site migration we have moved the signup form temporarily to the link below, please click there and apply as you always would.


Or e-mail allyc@genderjusticeleague.org